Ask the Experts: Trade-Specific Home Inspections

Jon Wanberg Expert Advisors Group Today we’re going to be talking about trade-specific inspections going along with our series on home inspections and different things that you might want to get done prior to purchasing a property as a buyer. When you have regular home inspections done sometimes something comes up in that home inspection … Continued

How To Decorate To Sell Your House In Lake County

A hugely important component of selling your house is showing it, and successful showings require preparation and decorating to appeal to buyers. It is, in fact, a lot like setting the stage and getting all the props in place for a play. The job there is not to please the actors, but to give the … Continued

Landscaping Experts

Ask the Experts: Home Exteriors – Trees

Trees Bryan Nelson Expert Advisors Group Here is a quick tip where a 30-second phone call or 30 seconds of your life is going to save you five to eight thousand dollars later down the road. At your home improvement store, when you’re looking at shrubs, trees, and different plants to put in around your … Continued

Landscaping Experts

Ask the Experts: Home Exteriors – Landscaping

Landscaping Bryan Nelson Expert Advisors Group As you buy a new home or if you are a seller getting ready to sell your home you may be considering landscaping the home.  There are a couple of really important details that you want to go over.   Having a degree in landscape architecture and land development myself, … Continued