Ask the Experts: Home Exteriors – Curb Appeal and Maintenence

Ask the Experts: Home Exteriors - Curb Appeal & Property Maintenance - Bryan Nelson

Home Exteriors – Curb Appeal and Maintenance

Bryan Nelson Expert Advisors Group

In the video today we’re going to be covering the difference between curb appeal and property maintenance and the importance of both and how that affects you as a buyer and a seller.

So, first and foremost… curb appeal. 

I get a lot of sellers that ask me, “Should we re-landscape the house before we put it on the market… are we going to get an ROI immediately from re-landscaping the home?” 

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The answer to that is “yes” and “no”.   I know that seems a little bit confusing.  But, if you go ahead and re-landscape your home and if you spend $5,000 on all new plants, flowers and everything else for your home you may not see an immediate return on the appraisal for the landscaping.

However, the way that interprets into eventual ROI is that by having a better curb appeal, meaning when someone pulls up in front of your house they say, “Oh wow, that looks really nice I can’t wait to see the inside!”

The better your home looks and the more curb appeal it has, the more buyers you’re going to bring to your home and then have a competition for your home.  Which, obviously is going to equate in a higher price.  

So, do you see an immediate return on the appraisal for landscaping?  No. 

Is there a better chance of you receiving a better offer because you have more buyers to select from? Of course.

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 Now, the other important part of home exteriors planning is property maintenance.

You may have incredible curb appeal but if you don’t maintain the property properly it can cancel out everything. What I mean by that is if you have a property that has a lot of land, a lot of grass, you need to make sure that you’ve edged your sidewalks.  

You need to make sure that if you have trees overhanging the roofline, the roofline is clean.

If a buyer pulls up to the sellers home and they see small dead branches, leaves piled up in the gutters and things hanging on the roof, the first impression that leaves, despite how great the landscaping looks is,  if that was overlooked I wonder what other important items have been overlooked? 

So, when it comes to property maintenance, if you have a beautiful lot with trees, make sure you maintain that.  If you don’t have a lot of trees, make sure the sidewalk is edged, your driveway is edged and everything looks crisp and clean.

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Thanks so much for watching.   For other detailed videos about trees, landscaping, curb appeal, maintenance and other exterior home tips you can fill out the contact form below or you can go to our website at  Thanks!

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